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Our Services

Consulting Services

We offer customers access to expertise, objectivity, strategic guidance, problem-solving capabilities, and efficiency improvements. By leveraging these benefits, clients can enhance their decision-making processes, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth in their respective industries.

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ERP/CRM Implementation

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relations Management) services offer help clients to streamline their business processes and improve overall efficiency.

Custom Application Development

We offer organizations the capability to tailor their unique business processes and requirements. This level of customization enables businesses to have a solution that aligns perfectly with their workflows, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity..

IT Project Management

Outsourcing project management offer several benefits to organizations, particularly when it comes to managing complex projects or when the internal resources and expertise are limited.

IT Strategy

We help companies align their technology investments and initiatives with their overall business objectives.

Web Design

We design and craft websites, ranging from simple static web pages to complex dynamic websites with interactive features and functionality. The use of effective frameworks, content management systems, and development methodologies can expedite the development process and provide additional functionality and customization options

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Our Approach

In the beginning, we need to understand the project goals and the target audience, establish success criteria and perform adequate research. Custom software tends to be constrained by various resources: time, technology, budget or the canvas on which the technology is built. Workshops allow us to answer the necessary questions and follow through to evaluation.

This stage is meant to provide essential business answers: how much can the product cost? What are the risks and dangers? How much effort has to be put into launching an MVP? Which technology is the most suitable and what is the delivery time-frame?

Provided that the previous stages have given us positive answers, a dedicated team is assembled, led by a software architect and an experienced product designer. We start our work by delivering an interactive prototype, which is transformed into a high-fidelity design, cut into a front-end interface and connected with the back-end logic, forming a complete experience.

The product often requires adjustments, improvements or new features. Depending on the success scope and results, we may want to scale the technology, open up in new markets or evaluate new goals.